Jere Sikstus

Zombie roguelike characters with idle animations. 32x32.
A casual christmas game for Android
Animated police officer and zombie in 32x32 resolution.
A pack of 20 zombie roguelike characters in 32x32.
A set of roman and germanic weapon and armor icon sprites in 32x32.
Roman and german barbarian characters for a roguelike or RPG
Pack of zombie roguelike characters and monsters
Modular cyberpunk roguelike characters
Pack of 95 animated roguelike characters and monsters in 16x16 resolution.
Pixel art witch hunter from side perspective.
Cyberpunk Tileset in 16x16
16 cyberpunk/modern roguelike characters
Various cyberpunk characters in 16x16.
A tileset for a modern roguelike.
Items for a modern roguelike.
Zombie Roguelike Characters 16x16
Dungeon tileset with 16x16 tiles
35 characters and mobs for a roguelike.